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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dark Forest: Reborn announcement

Dark Forest: Reborn - Escape from the last underground citadel of devastated Earth and find your new world where you will save, romance, trick, betray or even kill people...using magic of words in this immersive text-based roleplaying game!


Hello, lovers of games with deep storylines, compelling characters and interesting gameplay. Long time no see. 

We have been discussing interactive fiction and text-based games: old-school stuff, games that are already forgotten, etc. Our articles contained mostly abstract analysis and criticism, so some of you might be wondering 'Wtf? Everyone can criticize! If you think you know how to create perfect adventure game, why not go and create it!?'. 

Well, guess what, friends? We are creating perfect text-based adventure game right now. It is called Dark Forest: Reborn, a next generation text-based rpg of romance and adventure.
Awesome logo. We payed 10$k for this. Really.

Key features of Dark Forest: Reborn

- NPCs that support natural language interactions and relationship modeling using a modern chatbot's AI core.

This simply means you will interact with cool characters using phrases like ‘Hello!’, ‘How are you?’ ‘I am your friend, trust me!’, ‘Do you prefer human meat or maybe I should bring some fruits?’.

You will test your perception, charisma and conversational skills. Based on your words and actions, our characters will decide if you are nice person or not. If not, watchout!

- Choices and real consequences. The game won’t tell you how to play.

- Nonlinear and replayable game world that adapts to your personality.

Do or say an evil thing and the world around you will look (or even become) evil.

- Real-time combat system with a bit of gore and awesome finishing moves.

- Game setting inspired by Arcanum and old fallouts in the style of Andre Norton and Stephen King’s fantasy novels.


Distant future. Humanity is doomed. Earth is dying. You are imprisoned in a sealed citadel deep underground. Old machines give you everything you need to live. You spend your time trudging through the citadel and researching its chambers. You have almost accepted your lonely fate, when a tragic accident changes everything.

It appears that a group of brilliant Earth scientists were living in this citadel before you, until the day they all mysteriously disappeared. They left behind, however, a monstrous ancient device that gives you a second chance, a way of once again reaching the world outside.

The world of Dark Forest: Reborn is full of ancient swamps, poisonous hills and abandoned strongholds of fallen civilizations. During your journey you will face strangers, and change their fates forever. Some of them will curse you. Some of them will be ready to give their lives for you. After your adventure you will be judged, and the fate of every character and the world of Dark Forest: Reborn itself will be revealed.


Dark Forest: Reborn mixes classic text adventure game mechanics with mechanics of interactions with NPCs via natural language dialog.

For example, in location 'House of Cannibals' you may find daughter of the Cannibals, Qara, 21 y/o slender black-haired girl with tired face who lives with her family in the depths of the forest. Your main task will be to escape the House of Cannibals. Qara's motives are not clear so it's up to you to choose your way of completing the quest: you can try to capture her and force her to help you, you can try to gain her trust or just ignore her and escape the House of Cannibals on your own. Everything depends on your personality, kindness, cruelness or even madness.

Maybe Qara doesn’t like her family and wants to escape the House of Cannibals too? Or maybe she just wants to eat your entire body alone? She definetly prefers red wine so maybe your fate is just to become a part of her dinner...or maybe this girl will be your best friend. Or even girlfriend.

Test your perception, charisma and conversational skills and find out the truth!

No, no, this type of 'flirting' with NPCs like Qara is not okay. You will learn it after the meeting with her family.

This style is more suitable.

Concept arts

If you think interactive fiction and text adventure developers have no concept arts - you are wrong.

We have no cool pictures to impress you. Our game will create cool pictures in your mind instead.

System requirements and release date

Too early for this information. One thing is clear - Dark Forest: Reborn will run only on the most powerful graphics controller you have - your imagination.

Our crew

One software developer experienced in gamedev and natural language processing aka DarkForestCrow – at your service, two writers, one native English speaker/writer will be found soon (that bastard escaped from our catacombs).

We are friendly, our NPCs are not!

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