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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Example of good text-based game for newcomers

Here's a brief overview of the game I just found: Star Wars: Escape the Flagship. Short, interesting, easy to play - that's why I chose it. Visual design is not lame as well - it's just a text on a white screen.

Also, you don't need to type anything to play it - you always have a list of choices.

You play as a Stormtrooper who has been captured during a mission on a rebel flagship. You are awaiting execution and need to escape. I always wanted to be a stormtrooper: miss every shot, die in glory.

Use link above, press continue and we're in:

You see the Rebel walk through the open passage in front of your cell.

Rebel: Seems the captain wants me to give you a choice of how you will be executed. I can throw you out the airlock, which will be quite painful. Or I can put you out of your misery right now with my blaster rifle. What'll it be?

[remain silent]

Put me out of my misery.

I'll take the airlock.

[persuade] You don't have to do this. You could walk me towards the air lock but put me in an escape pod. No one would ever know the difference.

[threaten] Let me out right now or I'm going to grab your face, and crush your eyes with my fingers.

[bluff] I wasn't planting a listening devise. I was planting a bomb. It's on a death switch. If I die, everyone dies.

Maybe this rebel is just a redneck? Is he merciful or stupid enough? Hmm... I'll try to persuade

Rebel: I have no sympathy for Imperial scum


Not that stupid I must admit. Oh, darn... Now games offers me the same choices. Since rebel is not retarded and/or merciful, let's play for time: bluff

Rebel: You don't think we're that stupid do you? We already checked the listening devise for explosives.


Well, if it's my final moment, I choose airlock.

*He turns off the ray shield*
Rebel: Come on. It's not too far of a walk.
*The Rebel turns around to grab a pair of plasma cuffs*


[Strangle Him]

[persuade] I could have strangled you right there but I decided to let you live. Don't you think I've earned my freedom.

To persuade, or not to persuade? I'll wait.

Rebel: Here put these plasma cuffs on.
*He hands you a pair of open handcuffs*

[Intimidate] How about you put them on. Or else.

[Put them on]



*The Rebel aims his rifle at your head*
Rebel: ...just put them on.

[put them on] Yeah that sounds like a good idea.


[Disarm him] 

This is it! Disarm!

*you successfully disarm him*
*The rebel raises his hands*
Rebel: Please! Please don't kill me!

[Shoot him] It's to late for that!

[Hand him the cuffs] "...just put them on". That's right! I'm in charge!

[Knock him out] It's past your bed time

[Give him the gun] I was just kidding.

Ha. This guy could have killed me...Okay, okay, I Hand him the cuffs and then Knock him out

*You successfully knock out the Rebel*

You have unlocked the achievement: Ghost

[Leave the room]


OBJECTIVE GAINED - Disable the security cameras from the security terminal


I didn't even died once!

*You walk outside the room and see a guard checking his ID into a room. He turns his head to his left to see you walking out the room with a rifle. He reaches for his blaster pistol on his belt*

[Shoot him]

[Aim your weapon] Drop it.

[persuade] Put it down. I have no intentions of hurting anyone.

Time to persuade again? I persuaded but after a couple of steps they found me and their captain shot me to death.

Maybe you will be more lucky than me?

I do really suggest you to try to play this game if you are novice and still wondering 'Is this real? People are playing games with text only during the age of Unreal Engine?' You will see how powerful is your imagination.

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